Tella Firma Foundations use a proven, patented process of elevating a slab-on-grade foundation above the ground to create a protective void. This innovation isolates the slab, helping protect it from damaging soil swells, contractions, and movement.


Use Tella Firma Foundations for your next home, multi-family, or commercial project.

Green Design

No water or chemical injection which is wasteful and can be harmful to the quality of the soil.

Better Resale Value

Cut down on labor, concrete overage, and soil remediation on your next project.


Feel confident knowing your project is built on a proven foundation solution

Tella Firma is field-tested and customer-proven

It is accepted by both residential and commercial builders, and continues to be a sought after foundation solution for today’s construction industry.

"Tella Firma is efficient, economical and easy to use. We’ve created additional value for our residents in Parkside by offering this foundation, and we’ve had a very positive response from our buyers."

− Stewart Parker – Division President of Lennar, Dallas-Fort Worth.

"Tella Firma foundations are changing the way we build our houses."

− Randy West – Texas Andersen Homes

"A Tella Firma foundation has removed all the anxiety about building on the expansive soils we find in North Texas."

− David Huntsman & Larry Walker – Huntsman-Walker Construction

"A solid foundation is our first priority. A Tella Firma foundation gives us the confidence we need to build high quality homes that new homebuyers deserve."

− Tom London – Thomas Signature Homes

"Tella Firma is the long awaited answer to the need for an economic way to create structurally suspended slabs. When compared to the use of carton forms, Tella Firma is a faster, more convenient and less costly way to create a suspended slab. We at Advanced Foundation Repair are delighted to be working with Tella Firma to lift slabs."

− Fred Marshall, President, Structural Repair LLC - General Partner for Advanced Foundation Repair, LP

Commercial Foundation. Residential Application.

Feel confident knowing your home is built on a commercial-quality foundation

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