Save Time. Save Money. Start Smarter with Tella Firma.

Active soils throughout the country present numerous challenges for all commercial construction projects. While traditional foundation methods like Slab-on-Grade in conjunction with soil remediation are widely accepted, they are not immune to soil movement, which makes them susceptible to unnecessary costs, and even structural failure down the road.
Because every successful commercial job starts from the ground up, it’s important to choose a foundation solution that you can depend on, and helps you save time and construction costs by eliminating soil remediation and minimize project delays from wet weather.
That foundation solution is Tella Firma.

A Foundation You Can Trust

Tella Firma foundations are an innovative alternative to traditional foundations. Based on proven engineering principles, Tella Firma foundations deliver the stability of a structural elevated or podium slab with costs more comparable to Slab-on-Grade foundations.

Save Time

Time is crucial for every commercial project. Tella Firma Foundations boasts a seamless installation process that entirely removes soil remediation from the process and minimizes project delays due to wet weather.

Save Money

Tella Firma Foundations have no interior grade beams and therefore require less concrete and lower overage compared to traditional Slab-on-Grade slabs, and results in grade labor savings. Ultimately less required concrete means more square footage can be poured per day and a lower cost.


Build a better building from the ground up. Build with Tella Firma.