Home Buyers

What Tella Firma Means for Home Buyers

Buying a home can be the biggest investment you make. A Tella Firma Foundation will give you the peace of mind you need to feel confident in your investment today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Tella Firma Foundation home owners enjoy:

Lower Ownership Costs

Avoid costly foundation repairs down the road

Green Design

No chemical soil injections at installation

Minimal Maintenance

No special watering requirements

Assurance in the Home

Feel confident knowing your home is built on a commercial-quality foundation

Better Resale Value

Incent future home buyers with the same benefits you enjoyed from a Tella Firma Foundation

Feel Confident in your Investment

Avoid costly foundation repairs in the future

Tella Firma vs Traditional Foundations

A Tella Firma Foundation provides new home buyers with unparalleled confidence, quality, assurance, and overall value in their investment. While a Tella Firma Foundation is not the only foundation for a new home, it is the most cost effective in terms of protecting yourself from volatile soils and light earthquakes.

Understanding Traditional Foundations

This common foundation might be the most cost effective, but it is extremely susceptible to foundation movement. It depends heavily on soils near the surface for support and is commonly associated with the foundation problems we see in volatile soil regions.
Pier and Beam
This foundation system provides isolation from the active soils similar to a Tella Firma foundation, but it can often times be very expensive to build and takes significantly longer time to construct.
Structurally Suspended Slabs
The suspended slab system does provide isolation from active soils, however it often requires over excavation, is labor intensive, difficult to maintain quality control and can be cost prohibitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tella Firma Foundation?

The Tella Firma Foundation is an innovative and patented System that provides all the benefits of a pier-and-beam foundation system, yet is much more affordable, and takes less time to install when compared to most traditional-suspended foundations. The patented foundation system was created in an effort to prevent costly foundation damage by withstanding the area’s notorious soil volatility and gives home buyers a foundation they can trust.

What causes foundation damage?

Foundation problems are caused by continuously changing conditions in the soils under a home or building. Active clay soils expand as they absorb moisture and contract as they dry. This soil movement causes concrete slab foundations to move, settle and eventually crack over time – leading to costly damage to both the interior and exterior of the home. Seismic activity such as earthquakes and tremors can also contribute to concrete slab failure, as they too cause foundation soils to shift and move unexpectedly.

Are foundation problems a concern in North Texas?

Yes. Every year homeowners in Texas spend tens of millions of dollars on foundation repair. You can gauge the amount of foundation problems by the number and foundation repair advertisement on TV, radio, and billboards, and the thickness of the advertising in the yellow pages.

Can I get a Tella Firma Foundation System in my new home? How?

Yes. We recommend Tella Firma Foundations in any new home building project, especially if the area is prone to volatile soil conditions. To have your new home built on a Tella Firma Foundation, simply tell your homebuilder to contact our offices today and we’ll assist in every way possible throughout the building process.

How expensive is a Tella Firma Foundation System?

Tella Firma Foundations are a more affordable alternative to pier and beam foundations, and typically less expensive than other commercial grade suspended foundations. While slab on grade foundations are traditionally more cost effective, they put your home’s structural integrity at risk and have been prone to damage over time.

Who can install a Tella Firma Foundation in my home?

Any licensed homebuilding professional or concrete installer with foundation experience and training by Tella Firma is able to install a Tella Firma Foundation.

Is a Tella Firma Foundation System difficult for my homebuilder to install?

No. Tella Firma Foundations are easily installed by a licensed homebuilding or concrete installer. Our support team is ready to assist with any training necessary to get the job done right, and in an expedient manner.

What home builders use Tella Firma Foundations in their homes today?

Dozens of today’s leading custom and luxury homebuilders have been using the Tella Firma system for years, including: Ventura Custom Homes, Ron Davis Custom Homes, Victory Custom Homes, Thomas Signature Homes, and Cooper Custom Homes to name a few.

Does Tella Firma provide a warranty?

Yes. Tella Firma provides a warranty and indemnifies its customer for 10 years on the lifting mechanism. The builder or concrete installer typically provides a warranty on the installation and workmanship of the slab itself.

Are Tella Firma Foundations available regionally or throughout the country?

Tella Firma Foundations are most commonly found throughout North Texas, but are applicable throughout the country wherever soil movement is found. If you’re interested in a Tella Firma Foundation in your new home or development, please see our contact page.

Why is the company called Tella Firma?

Tella is Latin for castle or structure, as in “a person’s home is their castle”, and Firma is Latin for solid or stable, so the name stands for solid or stable home or structure.

When did Tella Firma begin?

Tella Firma Foundations began in 2014. The foundation system itself has been used with great success in homes throughout North Texas for more than a decade using commercial engineering principles that have been in practice for over 50 years.

Do Tella Firma Foundations use chemicals during installation?

No. Tella Firma Foundations follow a green installation process, without the need of chemical or water injections to the surrounding soil.

Do I have to water my Tella Firma Foundation to maintain it?

We always advise proper maintenance and care to the inside and outside of the home, but unlike traditional slab-on-grade foundations, Tella Firma Foundations are designed to withstand the swelling and contracting caused by changes in temperature and moisture. Therefore, watering your foundation to the extent that you would a traditional slab-on-grade is not necessary.