How It Works

The Problem: Why Foundations Fail

Foundation problems are caused by continuously changing conditions in soils around single and multi-level buildings. Clay soils expand as they absorb moisture, and contract as they dry. This causes concrete slab foundations to move, settle, and eventually crack over time—leading to costly damage to both the interior and exterior of a building.

The Wrong Foundation Can Lead To
  • Cracks in Masonary and Stucco
  • Uneven Floors
  • Cracks in Walls and Ceilings
  • Windows and Doors That Won’t Open or Shut
  • Leaning Walls
These Damages Can Result In
  • Costly Repairs
  • Time Lost
  • Temporary Housing During Repairs
  • Poor Resale Value
  • Difficulty Reselling the Home
  • Uncertainty in the Future
  • Unnecessary Stress and Frustration

The Solution: Why Tella Firma Works

Tella Firma Foundations use a proven, patented process of elevating a slab-on-grade foundation above the ground to create a protective void. This innovation isolates the slab, helping protect it from damaging soil swells, contractions, and movement.

Designed as a structurally suspended slab, Tella Firma provides isolation from the active soils like a Pier-and-Beam foundation system, yet is much more affordable and takes less time to install than most traditional suspended foundations.

The Tella Firma lifting system is based on commercial engineering principles that have been in practice for over 50 years and installed in homes for more than a decade.

Tella Firma is field-tested, customer-proven. It is accepted by both residential and commercial builders and continues to be a sought-after foundation solution for today’s leading homebuilders.

Did You Know?

Tella Firma Foundations are a Commercial Foundation System

What is a Commercial Foundation System?

Commercial Foundation Systems used in parking garages, multistory, and high-rise buildings, suspend the concrete foundation or floor atop pillars creating an elevated slab that does not come in contact with the soil. Tella Firma bases its methodology on these very same proven engineering principles, ultimately providing a commercial quality foundation in multifamily and single-family homes.

How it Really Works:  The Engineering Behind the Tella Firma System

Tella Firma Foundations make use of either concrete, steel or helical piers, and may also work with spread footings to carry the load of the structure below the active zone to the structurally stable soil beneath the surface. However, this technology requires a fewer number of piers than traditional slabs. Tella Firma slabs are designed, in engineering terms, as a “flat plate,” typically five inches thick. The slabs do not require interior or stiffener beams, like traditional “waffle slabs”, only a shallow beam around the perimeter. As a result, Tella Firma designs require approximately 30 percent less concrete.

Tella Firma foundations make innovative and economical use of post-tension design reinforcement. The post-tension cables are profiled or draped up or down within the slab to place the reinforcement where it is most needed.

Once the slab is poured on top of the ground, it is then raised above the ground to a desired height with Tella Firma patented lifting mechanisms. The process of using the ground as a form is very economical, much like commercial tilt-up wall construction.

After the lifting process is completed, a protective cap is placed over the lifting mechanism and left embedded inside the slab; this allows access to the mechanism should future adjustment of the foundation be required.